City of Chicago STUDENT INTERN - MAYOR'S FELLOWS in Chicago, Illinois


Mayor's Office Fellowship Program - Summer 2018

Office of the Mayor

Number of Positions: 25


The City of Chicago is strongly committed to improving public services for its citizens. Attaining this goal requires the hard work and dedication of qualified public service professionals. Recruiting highly qualified graduate level students, from universities across the country, has proven to be one of the best ways to attain this goal.

The Mayor's Office Fellowship Program attracts bright, highly motivated individuals, gives them a broad overview of municipal government and provides a unique, "hands-on" experience. Fellows participate in budgetary, legislative, and programmatic areas of city government and work directly with Mayor's Office staff. Mayoral Fellows are afforded an unparalleled opportunity to learn about public service and policy-making by directly contributing to the executive office of the City of Chicago.


Through the Mayor's Office Fellowship Program, you may accomplish the following:

  • Develop new initiatives that keep Chicago green;

  • Research ways to keep Chicago affordable;

  • Work on workforce development initiatives targeting specific industries;

  • Outline best practices in public safety programs and youth engagement;

  • Research and compare housing-related policies in U.S. cities;

  • Create innovative solutions to traffic and infrastructure challenges;

  • Recommend ways to better integrate technology with City functions;

  • Analyze information on regional issues and Great Lakes policies;

  • Create new programs that connect City residents with the great cultural resources of Chicago.

Nature of the Program

The City of Chicago Mayor's Office Fellowship Program offers fellowships to students interested in learning about City government and public policy. The program provides an in-depth view of how City government operates. Fellows will have the opportunity to:

  • Work directly with the Mayor's senior staff;

  • Research policies and evaluate their potential benefit to Chicago;

  • Draft memoranda on upcoming issues and new initiatives;

  • Interact with and attend meetings with Commissioners, Aldermen, senior-level staff from various City departments, and experts in a variety of policy fields;

  • Learn about the work and mission of the City's departments through weekly presentations by department commissioners and senior level staff, and through guided tours of City facilities.

  • Attend press conferences, City Council hearings, senior staff meetings, and strategic planning sessions.

  • Develop "New Ideas" for policies and initiatives

NOTE: This is a temporary position. Internships are limited to one academic year. Students are limited to working one internship (lasting no more than one academic year) per City Department.



  • Must be a graduate student in good academic standing, currently enrolled in an accredited college, university or law school with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale or a 4.0 on a 5.0 grading scale.

  • Candidates' must have demonstrated a substantial commitment to excellence as evidenced by academic honors leadership ability, extracurricular activities and involvement in community or public service.

  • Students must maintain the required GPA throughout the duration of their employment/internship.

  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office Applications - Work, Excel and Power Point.

  • Must be enrolled in school with a minimum of 6 credit hours (or quarter hour equivalency) throughout the duration of internship, with the exception of academic breaks, i.e. summer

APPLICATION PERIOD: Tuesday, September 5, 2017 through Monday, November 6, 2017

SALARY: $20.00/hour

Disclaimer - "Accredited" means any nationally or regionally accredited college, university, or law school where the applicant is enrolled in or has completed a Masters or Juris Doctorate degree program.

NOTE: At the time of application, you MUST attach all of the documents listed below;

  • Current transcript (or letter of acceptance or current class schedule if first term graduate

student) Transcript must show your GPA.

  • Current resume

  • Current letter of enrollment for your application to be considered complete.

NOTE: You will be required to provide a current letter of enrollment verification from the school's registrar/dean confirming enrollment (or National Student Clearinghouse Proof of Enrollment Certificate) at the time of application AND at time of hire. You must be enrolled in school (with the exception of academic breaks) throughout your internship if you are selected .

NOTE: Only applicants who submit all the required documents (current transcript or letter of acceptance / class schedule for first term graduate student), resume and letter of enrollment AND hit the "Submit" button at the end of the online application process will have a complete application and will be considered for a position. Employment applications lacking the required documentation will not be considered.

NOTE: Applicants MUST submit the following information by Monday, December 4, 2017 :

(a) a personal statement that speaks to your interest in municipal government; qualities or attributes you will bring to the Mayor's Office Fellowship Program; and what you hope to gain from this program;

(b) and, a public policy essay. Please state a current public policy problem that you feel has an impact on the City of Chicago. State the issue clearly and factually, along with any proposed policies, programs or initiatives that will address the problem. Please be sure to state your opinion of the issue as well as supporting arguments. Please limit to no more than 1,000 words . Only candidates selected for interviews will be notified of further processing instructions for submitting this required documentation. Additional documentation should be sent to: Margaret Gach, OFFICE OF THE MAYOR, CITY OF CHICAGO. 121 NORTH LASALLE STREET, ROOM 406, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 60602

NOTE: International students must have an F-1 Student Visa and must be a full-time student. International students are required to have a social security number/card which states "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION." The college or university can assist international students with obtaining authorization. (DHS = Department of Homeland Security).


This position requires applicants to complete an interview which will include a public policy essay, as part of the interview. In addition, the applicant must provide a personal statement. The interviewed candidate(s) possessing the qualifications best suited to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, based on the oral and written parts of the interview, as well as their personal statement will be selected.

Preference will be given to candidates possessing the following:

  • Research and analysis skills

  • Public Speaking/presentation experience

  • Experience with government programs/services/policy and/or community outreach

  • Demonstrated technical skills

  • Degree program preference/interest

  • Extracurricular activities

Evaluation: Your initial evaluation will be based on information provided on the application form and documents submitted with the application. Applications must be submitted by the individual applicant. No second party applicants will be accepted.

Residency Requirement : All employees of the City of Chicago must be actual residents of the City as outlined in 2-152-050 of the City of Chicago Municipal Code. Proof of residency will be required.

If you are disabled and require a reasonable accommodation to file your application, please contact the City of Chicago, Department of Human Resources at 312-744-4976, TTY: 312-744-5035. You will be required to provide information regarding your request.


City of Chicago is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Military Friendly Employer.

City of Chicago Department of Human Resources

Rahm Emanuel, Mayor Soo Choi, Commissioner